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Updated: Feb 2, 2021

Out With the Old

In With the New

New year, new president, new vaccine, new projects, and new adventures for all of us. For me, a new short story collection to pull together (thanks to Devil's Party Press), new freedom once I get my shots, and a new blog. I have a winning title "Bernie's Bookmark" thanks to my sister-in-law Sheryl Vincent Bro. She, my brother Rich, and her beloved pup Rocky are pictured below. And why not new workout clothes? Perhaps they will inspire me to exercise more.

My husband and I look forward to a new adventure the end of March. We are taking a hiking/writing retreat to Kill Devil Hills at the beach. He hikes. I write. We have taken other such retreats. Every retreat day about 3:00, after he is cleaned up from hiking and I have reached a good stopping point in my writing, we explore the local area. These retreats are satisfying because we both indulge our passions and get a break from the daily sameness of Covid.

What new adventures to you have planned for 2021?


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Feb 06, 2021

Bernie, I also meant to say my new adventure this year is transitioning to full time writing from full time teaching...hooray!! More convo on that subject to come. With you, my friend!


My new adventure this year is yoga. I am presently enrolled in an introductory session. I look forward to learning more.

Feb 02, 2021

Great Post, Bernie! Love that you end with a question for your readers!!

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