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Fading into Fall

Spring and summer 2023 brought my husband unwelcome medical issues. For two months he suffered strange pains all over his head and face. After many doctor visits and several failed treatments, he went to the ER when he lost vision in the left side of his left eye. Temporal arteritis, inflammation of the artery in his temple, was diagnosed. He was hospitalized that night to begin intravenous steroid doses.

A biopsy was performed in surgery under full anesthesia. Three different doctors now oversee his long-term care—continued steroids by mouth—which is over ninety percent effective. He won’t regain his lost vision but won’t lose anymore.

The diagnosis, frightening as it was, was a relief. The two-month search frustrated and tired us. Now we knew what was wrong and what to do about it.

All during those months, life went on. I sewed a blouse in a lemon print. I am drawn to novelty prints for these casual shirts. Cups of coffee covered last year’s model. Over the years, I have made several shirts from this pattern. It is time to retire it and find a new style.

Then I moved on to my favorite sewing pastime: American Doll clothes with a bit of a challenge. I am making skirts, one wrap-around and one jean style, and blouses, one with tucks down

the front and the other with a bow at the waist. When I finish these, I will make pajamas, nightgowns, and robes. By that time, these dolls will have a well-rounded wardrobe.

I am so impatient for the publication of my ghost story collection.

In April 2024 The Holy Ghost and Other Spooky Stories will become a reality. Gravelight Press, an imprint of The Devil’s Party Press, will produce a book I can hold in my hands. You can buy it, too, should you decide you just can’t live without a copy. I will announce when pre-orders can be taken.

Now summer fades into fall, my favorite season. Has your summer been satisfying? Do you have exciting plans for fall? Let me know the details in the comments.


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