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Bernie’s Bookmark: Classy New Look

My website has a new look. I keep flipping through it because it makes me so happy. Take a look.

On the home front, in the interests of decluttering and ridding our house of heavy furniture, we got rid of our piano. It was forty four years old and wildly out of tune. Some family members got a bit misty, but I am glad to see it go. I may get a little electronic keyboard to mess around with. Wouldn’t that be fun?

Meanwhile, back to my writing life. Devil’s Party Press has asked if I have any ideas regarding my ghost story collection’s cover. Need they ask? Of course, I do. My mind conjures up that cover at least once a day. Because the title story is The Holy Ghost and the main character is a nun, I would like a picture of a nun on the cover. But not too “in your face.” A little blurry. A little mysterious, but nothing irreverent.

I started scrolling through “free” stock photos online. Ha. Ha. Ha. Have you ever done that? The process can eat up hours. Then when you find one you thought was free, turns out it is not. You have to start a free trial, or the photo is free but it is covered in water marks, or you have to have an account. It is maddening. It makes my head hurt.

Enter the last resort. My drawing skills are rusty, but I sketched a nun in profile. I don’t expect them to use my sketch, but it will give them an idea of what I want.

Friends, I know my blogging has been erratic. I like writing blogs, but every time I thought about posting them, I knew the blog would not display properly on phones. It would be all smooshed over to one side. With my new classy look, the phone display is beautiful. I will definitely be blogging more, so sign up. You can do that on the Bernie's Bookmark page of my website down at the bottom. Thank you.


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