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I am sorry I haven't posted a blog for so many months. I have been working on a collection of ghost stories to be published in 2023 by Gravelight Press, an imprint of Devil's Party Press. The working title for the collection is The Holy Ghost and Other Spooky Stories. The title story is set in a convent and involves a nun who has a crisis of faith.

One of the fun things about writing these stories is the research I get to do. For the above story I exchanged messages with a nun who is on social media. She helped me understand the process of becoming a nun. For another story I researched luxury yachts. That research led me to a reality show, Below Deck, which follows the crew of a different luxury yacht each season. I have read up on Ferraris, old time gas stations, and Civil War field hospitals, among other subjects.

In my travels around North Carolina and on a recent road trip to Iowa, I looked for locations that I could imagine might be haunted. Some of those pictures are posted below.

Do you believe in ghosts? Think about it. Boo!

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Oct 02, 2021

Great post, Bernie! I understand about time between posts. This is a perfect post for October, since Halloween is right around the corner!

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