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I am not Irish, but I have some pleasant memories of St. Patrick’s Day adventures. When I was still working in an office, our manager was Irish. The morning of St. Patrick’s Day we all came to work to find he had put an Mc in front of all our name plates. So for this month’s blog, I am coming to you as Bernie McBrown.

The most fun St. Patrick’s Day took place in 2015 when cousins planned a family reunion in New Orleans to include the St. Patrick’s Day parade. I knew that New Orleans’ Mardi Gras parades were legendary. I had no idea what to expect for the March holiday.

Our NOLA cousins arrived at dawn to save a place and set up a table with catered sandwiches. They brought coolers full of wine, beer, soft drinks, and water to quench our thirsts. Even in March this famous Louisiana city can be warm. The whole family joined in the spirit of the day, showing up in green shirts and green hair. I had painted my toenails green.

Bands dressed in tuxedos and other surprising uniforms. Floats carried people in outrageous green costumes covered in sparkles and green feathers. The riders threw neon green and pink bead necklaces. Some of the beads were as large as tennis balls.

The parade watchers and the parade performers respected no boundaries. Members of the bands wandered into the crowd playing their instruments. People on the sidelines marched in step with the bands. It was a jolly free-for-all of fun, laughter, dancing, and socializing I am glad to have had the privilege of joining.

What special St. Patrick’s Day memories do you have?


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